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ogic Gate Studies is a coaching institute for GATE, IES and Public Sector Exam established in June 2005. Our objective is to guide the young engineering students to learn engineering which will help them to pursue higher education in engineering and to be employed by PSUs.


Logic Gate Studies conceptualized as a vision of Mr. Kishore Kashyap, the director of Logic Gate Studies, in the year 2005. Starting in a mere extension of his house Logic Gate Studies currently has two running centers in two cities and four more in the pipeline. With his conviction in his dreams he set out delivering technical knowledge in such a manner which was bound to show immediate results and from then on there was no stopping.

  • GATE Preparation
  • IES & PSU Preparation
  • Semester Studies
  • Correspondence Course
  • Online Test Series
  • Online Virtual Classroom Course


The content requirement may seem similar for an instant but Logic Gate Studies faculty with its profound research on the exam patterns have devised substantially different teaching schemes taking into consideration the evident as well as the minute requirements of the different examinations.

For instance while the GATE exam requires a very deep insight into the basics as well as sharp problem solving skills IES has a broader spectrum and tests the subjective as well as objective performance in a widely ranged yet conceptual arena. Online Test Series is introduced in the year 2013, because GATE exam is online exam from year 2014. The correspondence program has been recently initiated looking at the large number of students showing interest from far flung areas. Online Virtual Classroom Course will be introduced very soon.