Our Methodology





he course of action towards grooming a student for a perfect outcome at Logic Gate Studies is also unique. The key features include


  • A very basic and feel-easy approach to the subject making the student feels it tangible.
  • Indispensable sets of practice problems to make your concepts concrete.
  • Highly patient doubt clearing sessions.
  • A thoroughly packed library with a wide variety of quality books for all Logic Gate Studies students.
  • A fully fledged test series testing from basic to complex problems of which the problems are unique and almost introuvable. This feature has been one of the most loved part of Logic Gate Studies by many students as AIR - 2, GATE 2008 puts it “The final GATE exam seemed almost like a test from the LGS series rather easier than it”.
  • Highly experienced mentoring and counseling for students to identify their pits and flaws.
  • Interaction with past toppers like AIR-2, 5,9,13 and many more studying at different IITs or working at high profile positions.


All the above stated features make, studying at Logic Gate Studies a complete experience in itself. And no wonder with all these tools at his disposal an Logic Gate Studies student faces any exam with full confidence and conviction to succeed.